Zoned HVAC in South Bend

I have regularly wanted to have zone control in my South Bend home, however my household came with an old, central Heating & A/C device that incorporated air duct to keep the household a centralized temperature, but it kind of stunk.

My fantastic friend and I had a guest room that never needed heating or cooling.

There was a laundry room I hardly went in. My hubby was mainly in the office & I was in my room. The study room would need AC, but only during meal prep. I didn’t like it affecting the rest of the house. I also wanted the baby’s room to be a bit warmer than ours, with a central Heating & A/C unit, no one could have customized temperatures, then so my pal and I just suffered, and after my central heating & cooling device died, I basically did a little dance. I was super happy to finally update. I closed off all the vents & chose to change to a ductless Heating & A/C unit. In South Bend, there are a lot of ductless Heating & A/C dealers. I ended up choosing this supplier that was local to the area & rated high on google. I had mini splits put in every room of the household with their own control unit. Since I have zone control, I will never go back. My fantastic friend and I save so much money just being smart about heating & cooling. I also care about that I can cook with AC blasting & my hubby has heating in the dining room. My son’s family room is the ideal temperature for her age & it doesn’t affect my hubby & I. It works out so well for everyone. I request zone control to all South Bend, IN homeowners. My fantastic friend and I have the best weather for it.
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