You can get some awesome crab legs around San Francisco

San Jose is most definitely one of the best arenas in the world to get fresh seafood.

The arena is basically known for having the freshest crab legs.

If the wharf is known for clam chowder, then the old race street location is easily known for the crab! My good pals and I prefer to go to San Jose and get crab legs. They can be steamed, fried, broiled, boiled, or baked. They even have lobster rolls, calamari, and fresh fish from the bay and the ocean. There is truly nothing more delicious than fresh seafood right out of the water, but leaving the bay community is a fantastic reason to buy cannabis supplies too! We live right in the middle of San Francisco and the marijuana prices are high priced. San Jose, CA has much better prices on marijuana products, so my good pals and I always stock up when we visit the area. It’s a fairly long drive from San Francisco to San Jose, however we pretty much always have Pandora on the stereo so we can listen to our number one rock, alternative, and rap songs! After it becomes dark, the drive back to San Francisco is really awesome if you take the rural roads instead of the interstate. As the sun is setting over the hills, the views can be spectacular. I always look forward to our trips out of San Francisco. There is so much hustle and bustle going on in the city and there are tourists all around you. It’s impossible to get a table on a Friday night unless you have reservations a few weeks in advance. There are times when it’s nice just to get out of town and visit somewhere else.


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