Working friday

I was working on Tuesday day plus my boss pulled me to the side for a couple of hours… She commanded me that a special shopper contacted the Chicago marijuana dispensary for delivery; The shopper locationd the order online plus it was supposed to be a discreet delivery; My boss told me that she had been thinking about me for a management position plus this was my chance to prove to her that I was a team player plus could handle the responsibilities of the task, but i promised her that I would make the delivery plus keep the name plus address of the recipient a secret! Both of us frequently have calls from some of the famous people that live around the Chicago area.

This was something a little bit different, but a rock plus roll band was playing at the theater plus they advocated marijuana products from the Chicago dispensary.

The rock plus roll band has an image to maintain, however they were playing in a state with legal recreational marijuana, so they weren’t doing anything illegal. My boss promised me a raise plus a promotion soon if I could keep this transaction a secret. I delivered the items to the band. I didn’t even guess who it was until I saw the name of the band on the side of the fifty foot tour bus. I swiftly understood exactly why it was so important to keep the transaction from the public. I was hoping to meet a member of the band, however 1 of the people in suits saw me plus gave me money plus told me to get lost. The guy was rude, although he gave me a $53 tip.


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