Why I settled down there

I labor as a quality control consultant for a entirely prominent chain of cannabis dispensaries, and this is essentially a dream job, in which I travel from locale to locale plus sample locally sourced blends of cannabis, as much as I enjoy my work, after a few years even the world’s best job can wear you down, but i had to travel roughly 40 to 45 weeks a year, which left entirely little time for a social life or anything else, and when it was time to come off the road plus settle down, I decided to transfer to Denver, CO.

  • There were a few reasons that I picked Denver, the greatest of which was the local cannabis community.

With my resume plus expansive history in the cannabis industry I could have my pick of any number of wonderful jobs in Denver. I care about the industry, plus can’t imagine a life without cannabis, however I am tired of the travel, so Denver seemed prefer the smartest option for my job… Seven bizarre major cannabis dispensary chains are based out of Denver or the nearby areas. I don’t mean several dispensaries, I mean the headquarters for several major corporations, are all based near Denver. This means that just on the administrative plus logistical side, the cannabis industry gave thoUnited Statesnds of jobs to the Denver area. With my experience I could easily become an executive in one of these companies, plus never have to travel outside of Denver again. I have a lot to figure out, however I am stoked about my future in Denver, CO.

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