Why did they buy a wood stove?

They said the wood stove was too tiny to be a property heater.

I bought a property in Elgin, IL that desperately wanted to be a farmhouse, however the previous owners painted the exterior red and brown. The inside had wood walls on half and checked wallpaper on the others, however everything was all wood and rustic, it was tacky in my opinion. The worst was there was a woodstove right in the middle of the living room. It sat on a stone pad and was vented to the ceiling. I checked the vent and noticed it was wash as a whistle. The people put it in as a decorative feature. The central heating system was wonderful enough for the IL winter. I didn’t need the supplemental heat of the woodstove. I also hated that it took up so much room. I ended up calling an Elgin heating dealership to remove it. The supplier removed it however didn’t want the gear. They said the wood stove was too tiny to be a property heater. It was meant for a small property or a shack, and so I ended up listing it online and a guy bought it for his hunting chalet. I had to redo the flooring where the stone pad was removed. I hired roofers to remove the stack on the roof and to patch my wood ceiling, and all of that work and currency was to remove a pointless heater; Why would anyone want a woodstove in Elgin? There are more appealing and impressive heating systems that can combat the winter. All it did was take up space and look ugly.


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