Whitehall has a relatively small population if you want to escape Muskegon

Growing up in Muskegon County was an interesting experience, in part because I had to live in two separate residences after my parents divorced when I was only eight years old.

  • My dad lived in a house in the city of Muskegon while my mom rented a home near her parents in Whitehall.

Although at the time I wanted to live with my dad, I began to realize this wasn’t the best idea. It’s not that I have anything against Muskegon, but it’s hard to compare that entire city to a pleasantly quiet community like Whitehall that has little to no crime. It’s not exactly a secret that certain neighborhoods in Muskegon aren’t exactly safe for young children. Thankfully my mom insisted that I stay with her in Whitehall after someone tried to break into my dad’s house in the middle of the night while we were asleep. One of the things I like the most about Whitehall is its small size compared to Muskegon. On the one hand it’s unfortunate that we have fewer cannabis dispensaries within the city limits of Whitehall compared to the larger Muskegon area, I’d trade that for a quieter home any day of the week. There’s a phenomenal cannabis store on Lake St near Goodrich Park. They have various sales on different cannabis products throughout the week, varying from week to week as well. They offer discounts for customers who have food stamps or anyone over the age of 70. It’s nice living in a town that’s so quaint and beautiful with its natural wonders.


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