While gambling is not permitted in Denver, there are a few places you can go

Although Denver does not actually permit gambling of any kind, there are 3 locales close by where gambling is legal and allowed.

My family and I live in CO close to 3 hours away from Denver.

This year for my mom’s birthday, the two of us chose to take a trip to Denver so the two of us could head over to a casino. My mom really cares about sitting and playing the slot machines, and I thought Denver was a smart choice. This is because the locale has a huge amount of fun activities. Denver has a pretty good amount of museums, steakhouses, and evening life. Denver also has some of the cheapest recreational marijuana prices around in the state. While my mom and I were spending time in Denver, I went to a recreational cannabis dispensary to buy a few edibles. I also decided to go for one marijuana pre-rolled cigarette from the cannabis shop. After my mom was laying down at a slot machine, I went to the parking garage to smoke the pre-rolled marijuana cigarette that I picked up earlier. While I was smoking the pre-rolled Cannabis cigarette, my mom won 10 grand in the casino. I came back inside and she was actually resting in front of a machine with the lights flashing and alarms screaming. I missed the whole sizable event, although I was there when the floor person came over to talk with my mom about her fantastic win. I almost expected them to avoid the machine altogether, but they paid my mom with brand new $100 bills after she hit the slot machine grand prize. My mom used the money to make important repairs on her car and she purchased us an amazing dinner at one the most excellent steakhouses in town.

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