What is an expungement regulation?

I asked my friend, who is a lawyer, what an expungement law was? I had study they were expunging the records of people who had underage marijuana records now that marijuana was legal in Muskegon, MI.

He told myself and others that under MI’s modern expungement law, anyone convicted of marijuana related offense involving conduct that not be illegal after 12/6/2018, can ask to have the conviction set aside! If they convicted you of possession of marijuana, use of marijuana, or possession of marijuana paraphernalia, you can seek expungement, expungement is the process by which the state detachs your conviction from all public records adore it never happens! Many states, adore MI, have expungement laws on their books when they legalize recreational marijuana, there are some expungement laws for other crimes that have waiting periods before you can petition the court for expungement.

Marijuana convictions hold no waiting period, however he asked if I had an underage or other marijuana conviction that I was concerned about. I didn’t suppose I had a conviction from when I was caught smoking marijuana at sixteen, however I wanted to check. My dad’s friend, a police officer, found myself and others plus my friends resting behind an old barn, plus took us all home, but we were blessed every one of us were in Muskegon, MI, plus not in NY City. I’m not sure if dad ever paid a wonderful for my underage marijuana use, because he said nothing. I got a important punishment at home. I couldn’t go out with my friends until I was eighteen, lost a iphone, plus was escorted whenever I left the house. Maybe a conviction would have been easier.

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