What happened to that team?

I miss the Sonics so bad.

When I first moved to this area, it was the Seattle Supersonics that won my heart over.

Before that I never honestly cared about sports, or basketball, but the squad of men they had were so great I became a huge fan. But, the group of us never won a championship, however they can never take the memories I have of that team. Then they changed the name to the Sonics, as well as eventually they moved the team out of the city altogether, and I know WA isn’t honestly known as a great sports city, but person do I miss going to the stadium to see some hoops, but happily there are a lot of school teams around here I can go see, because Seattle does have a lot of schools. The greatest problem I have is with cannabis, because smoking a joint on school grounds in Seattle is not cool. In the parking lot of the major sports stadiums there is regularly a lot of tailgating, as well as in Seattle tailgating means cannabis will be present. For such a substantial city, Seattle is remarkably cool when it comes to marijuana, but there are some difficult limits around school campuses. I support as well as respect these laws, of course, but watching a team is not as much fun without some cannabis being involved. Watching hoops on TV doesn’t have the same thrill, but without my Seattle Sonics that thrill is gone, anyway. Thankfully the cannabis dispensaries in Seattle are numerous, as well as stocked with the world’s best weed, so that helps to ease my pain.

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