We were having a great time

There is a particular brand of cannabis Vape carts that I care about to purchase. The vape carts contain distillate oil & the percentages are consistently around 95% or higher. The product is a steal at the low price of $25 per gram. I have been purchasing the same cannabis vape carts for several years from a Denver dispensary; Last month I went to the Denver dispensary & they were completely out of the vape cart brand. I asked the budtender if they had anything in the back, but she did not find anything. I thought it was uncommon & uncommon that they were completely out of stock, so I was even more upset when I went back to the Denver dispensary & they were so out of stock. This time I asked the budtender when they would be coming back & the person told myself and others that they were no longer going to stop that brand of cannabis Vape carts. I got easily upset & I demanded to speak with the manager. I told her that certain product was one of our number ones. She agreed that it was a great supplier & a fantastic product, but the distributor that the dispensary uses no longer carries that certain product in their stock & they cannot use any other companies. It’s not a problem that she can fix, but she did offer to help myself and others find a uncommon Denver dispensary location that carried the product that I was looking for. The search turned out to be difficult. It seems that more than 2 local dispensaries use the same distribution warehouse.


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