We smoked a pre-roll at every outdoor location

My wifey and I thought it would be a lot of fun to go to Las Vegas for the weekend, however my friend and I were going to see a show, but the musician had to cancel at the last minute because of a voice and laryngitis problem.

  • My wifey and I had our concert tickets refunded and the venue gave us tickets to go to the stratosphere.

My wifey and I had tickets to go on one of the rides. My friend and I entirely enjoyed going to the stratosphere and it didn’t cost us much money at all to appreciate an evening of fun; During the day my associate and I decided to look at some of the outdoor sites. My friend and I rented a car from a local shop and my associate and I left the city to appreciate a lot of particular and odd experiences. My friend and I had marijuana with us, and my associate and I made the choice to go to a couple of odd sites that were outdoors, and it might not have been exactly legal to consume marijuana products at these sites, but my associate and I decided to smoke recreational marijuana going out every single one of the outdoor locations. My friend and I were entirely high when my associate and I got back to the hotel that evening. My friend and I were going to smoke a little bit of marijuana and have some dinner, but my wifey and I were weary after a day outside, however even though there were a lot of cool sites my associate and I still wanted to visit, my associate and I decided to crash on the bed and get a good evening of rest. In the afternoon, I was glad that my associate and I didn’t spend the whole evening partying.

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