We skied all afternoon after getting high

My friends and I decided to go skiing in Denver, and we were there for a couple of days.

Before we drove out to the ski lodge, we decided to pick up all of the supplies that we would need for a couple of days. We took plenty of food and drinks including water, alcohol, and beer. We took some charcoal so we could cook on the grill outside of the ski lodge. We also went to the legal marijuana dispensary in Denver. There are lots of legal marijuana dispensaries in the city of Denver, so we had to think about our choices. We wanted to make sure to choose a place that had all of the products that we wanted. I wanted top shelf marijuana flower, but my friends were more interested in edible. When we found a place that we could agree on, we stopped and everyone went inside. I parked the car near the end of the parking lot. It was cold and wet outside, but it wasn’t cold enough for snow. Up on the mountain, it was an entirely different story. It was easily 20° colder when we got up to the elevation where the ski resort was located. We smoked marijuana the first morning that we went skiing. We had a sativa and the strain made me feel so energetic that I spent the whole afternoon skiing. I didn’t even want to go back to the lodge for lunch. I waited until it was dinner time to feed my hungry stomach. By then I was ready to smoke more recreational marijuana.


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