We saw some otters playing by the bridge

My wife and I love to go to San Francisco when we have a couple of days off in a row.

  • San Francisco is a 3-hour drive from the city where my wife and I live in California.

Still, it is one of our favorite places to visit. The golden gate bridge is one of the coolest attractions that the city offers. The bridge is a complete marvel of engineering. The bridge is so big and expansive that it takes a whole day just to walk the length of the bridge. The Golden Gate bridge is a suspension bridge that swings in the wind. When you drive across the bridge, it feels like it is moving sometimes. The park lines the bridge and there is also a great view of Alcatraz island from the bridge and the park. When my wife and I go to the bay area for a few days, we stay in a small hotel close to the park. The place has above average priced rooms, but the amenities are second to none. The hotel is right down the street from a recreational weed shop. The recreational weed shop sells many different cannabis products like tinctures, flower, concentrate, and pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. My wife and I don’t usually smoke weed, but when we go to the city, we enjoy a couple of days of relaxation and that includes recreational marijuana. We were in the city several weeks ago and we saw some otters playing by the bridge. It’s unusual to see otters near the bridge, so we were particularly excited to see the rare site. We watched them play for an hour while we ate lunch.


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