We ran off to Portland to get hitched

Some people can’t handle the weather in Portland, but to be honest, I’m not sure I could manage it permanently, but as much as I cherish to visit the city, all the bleak gray skies and rain gets decrucial after a few mornings, so I could never live here.

That said, this dreary, wet town will always hold a special place in my heart. This is where Jenny and I came when my associate and I eloped… Her parents didn’t approve of me, and since her Dad was a cop Jenny was dangerous to date! But my associate and I fell in love, and on a whim the two of us ran off to Portland for a long weekend, where my associate and I saw a Justice of the Peace and got married, and i am proud to say her parents were wrong about me, and Jenny and I have been happily married for a decade. Every year my associate and I come back to Portland to revisit our past. It isn’t always on our anniversary, however sometime around that date my associate and I return to Portland, rent a hotel room, and have another honeymoon. Having a honeymoon every year is a remarkable way to keep a marriage fresh and exciting, and the killer Portland cannabis doesn’t hurt either. Jenny and I always stop by a cannabis shop when my associate and I arrive in Portland, so my associate and I have lots of “get-together favors” for the weekend. I never mind when the weather in Portland is overcast and rainy, because that’s how it was on our first honeymoon, of course cannabis wasn’t legal in Portland back then, however otherwise the town remains unchanged.


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