We left the city to go to the desert

I went to visit some friends that live in LA, and we spent a whole day exploring Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

  • We walked around downtown in Beverly Hills and we saw a couple of stars.

I didn’t know we were going to run into people that were famous and I thought it was really neat to see movie stars walking down the street like regular people. While we were in Beverly Hills, we walked past a cannabis boutique. The place had flashing lights, but it looked like a spa inside. Jack and I walked into the Beverly Hills cannabis boutique. I thought it might be fun to buy a marijuana joint. Everything in the cannabis boutique was brightly colored and arranged in a satisfying and pleasing way. Unfortunately, none of the items in the Beverly Hills cannabis shop had prices. I’m sure that was intentional, because it was embarrassing to ask about the prices. I did not want to ask questions, because we were in the middle of Beverly Hills. After we left the Cannabis boutique, I told Jack that it might be fun to get high and smoke marijuana. He told me that we should go to a different place if we were going to buy marijuana. He had a couple of places in mind and the two of us drove out to the country where the prices of marijuana were much cheaper. I got two marijuana joints for the same price as the one at the shop in Beverly Hills.

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