We have to learn about cannabis

I am unquestionably proud to live in a good town care about San Francisco, California.

We have a unquestionably diverse selection of people and an economy that is one of the largest and most thriving in the entire country; One thing that San Francisco is well-known for is the lgbtq pride parade and celebration.

The whole town gets involved in the celebration, and everyone posts rainbow flags to show their support. The town covers the bridges with rainbow colored lights that display during the night. The local corporations get into the spirit of pride week too. This year during pride week, the recreational marijuana shop where I work had a huge sale. Everyday, the shop offered a marijuana product that was buy one and get one for free. One morning it was a live resin concentrate and the next morning they were giving out quarters of premium flower; Another morning they had a buy one and get one free sale on all of the edible products. Each morning the sale attracted current clients and clients. Every time a shopper made a purchase at the San Francisco marijuana dispensary, they had their name entered into a drawing that was held at the end of the week. The owner of the marijuana dispensary offered away a marijuana price pack worth more than $500. The winner of the prize pack could have been a tourist or a local person. It absolutely turned out to be someone that I think unquestionably well. The person has been a purchaser for various years and the price pack was a huge surprise. She only made one purchase the entire week.

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