We had a wonderful day at the Toronto Island Park

After years of being single, I got married last year to the love of my life.

I was ready to settle down because my 20s were filled with a lot of adversity and financial struggles.

There were times when I really wondered why I was still fighting each day to function, but thankfully my mental health slowly improved with time. Moving away from the life of drinking and partying every week was a huge step in the right direction. I lost weight and started going to a gym everyday to stay healthy. I had one girlfriend during this time for about a year, otherwise I was single and working on my personal growth as I got closer to 30. When I met my wife at a local event in Old Toronto at the Royal Ontario Museum. I wanted to keep talking to her when the event ended, so I asked her for her number and if she was interested in going on a date with me. I suggested that we visit Balmy Beach Park and watch the bird fly over Lake Ontario. Before long we were in a committed relationship and eventually moved in together after several months of dating. Now that we’re married, we’re happier than ever being together and spending as much time one on one as we do. We had such a nice day at the Toronto Island Park in part because we brought cannabis vaporizer pens with us for the afternoon. The Toronto Islands can only be reached by ferry or private boats and sports the gorgeous Toronto Island Park in the center. This is the perfect place to spend the afternoon with a cannabis vaporizer pen in your pocket.



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