We are a hockey family

It is odd the things you get into when you have kids; When I was pregnant with my first child I would have told you that my husband plus I were going to be a hockey family.

We live in MO, and it is cold plus snowy most of the year.

It made sense to get into winter interests. I would have supported ice skating, skiing or snowboarding too. I got all my kids into the learn to skate program… They hated it, every single one of them. What do my kids love to do? They like roller skating, no ice necessary. The roller skating rink is entirely fun for my kids. They play in the arcade plus they rollerblade around plus around. It isn’t a team interest or a real interest! However, roller blades are fantastic fun plus can burn calories! My kids were entirely into roller blading. We have our whole driveway paved so they can skate around. My guys will play roller hockey plus set up courses where they duck plus weave around cones, and occasionally the Skate Corner will set up a roller hockey everett plus all the kids play. I am hopeful that this love will transition into an ice skating one. I would like my kids to be on a team interest plus attend actual games. For right now I am enjoying that they have something they love that is cheap, safe plus easy to do in our hometown of Lee’s Summit MO. The Skate Corner is right by our cabin plus constantly seems to be open.

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