Ways to cool off in the Summer season

I love going to Busch Gardens and because my family has annual passes, the two of us are at the park all the time, and in fact, my youngsters spent much of the Summer inside the park, it’s 1 of their number one things to do when they are not in college; While they love the park in the Summer, I prefer to go while the two of us were in the cooler weeks! Not only is it less crowded but the weather is better for walking around inside the park! Living in Tampa is great, but the Summers can be quite hot! The weather is usually in the 90s and the humidity can be unbearable.

Luckily, at Busch Gardens there are cooling stations that I use all the time! And on top of that, there are some indoor shows that have air conditioner that I use to take a break from the heat. Additionally, most of the steakhouses have air conditioner, so it’s easy to stand and relax inside 1 of them. Another way of cooling down in the park is to get on the water rides, and however I am usually soaking wet, that splash of cool water does the trick. And speaking of water, it’s constantly good to stay hydrated when the weather is sizzling outside. The heat doesn’t bother my youngsters or my partner too much but for me, it can be brutal. And while I love spending time outside in the Summer in Tampa, I guess that there will be places where I will have limited access to air conditioner. But for me, I have found ways of cooling off separate from sacrificing my fun.


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