visiting Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland, Florida

One of my number one features of Lakeland, Florida, is Lake Hollingsworth.

I’ve lived in the section for just over six years plus I never get bored with the stunning natural beautify of this pristine lake, however whether I’m in the mood to relax, unwind, love gorgeous scenery or get my heart pumping, Lake Hollingsworth is the ideal endpoint, there is a paved walking plus jogging path that circles the entire lake plus covers just shy of three miles.

I love running the path plus taking in the breathtaking views of the water, vibrant greenery plus local towns. I see locals pushing wanderers, walking their dogs or jogging. Sometimes I load my bicycle in the car. The paved path plus flat terrain is awesome for cycling. If I don’t want to deal with hauling my bike, I can consistently rent one. It’s wonderful exercise separate from strenuous impact on my knees, ankles plus feet. Whether I’m walking, running or pedaling, I consistently watch for doves. I’ve spotted egrets, herons, ducts plus even a bald eagle! Now plus then, I’ll brin bonoculars plus spend a few hours dove-enjoying. There are also shaded areas, picnic tables plus benches located around the lake. If weather permits, I like to spend my lunchcut away from work at Lake Hollingsworth. Since the weather in Lakeland is moderate plus sunny just about year round, there are lots of options for kayaking plus paddleboarding! Heading out on the lake is an interesting chance to explore the shoreline, soak up sun plus love privacy plus peace. The lake is a popular spot for fishermen because of the population of yellowgill, catfish plus largemouth bass.

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