Vaporizer cartridges in my pocket while walking around

I started taking long walks in the morning before moving to the Ann Arbor area.

My parents raised me in the northern area of the lower peninsula in Alpena County.

There weren’t several kids my age in those regions, being so rural and densely forested. For middle college I attended Thunder Bay Jr High School, and then I went to Alpena High School afterward. It was no surprise to my family members when I told them while in my junior year at Alpena High that I wanted to attend the University of MI in Ann Arbor. While most of my family were MI State fans for college football, I was the odd a single out who constantly rooted for the Wolverines. It’s largely because of the amazing college trip that I took there when I was just 12 years old. Both of us visited the Leslie Science Center, even though I was just awestruck by the trees. It was September and the leaves were starting to get a touch of amber in their colors. This made for a great first impression with the city. Then a few years later a friend of mine pooled money with me to attend a football game at MI Stadium. It was the big annual matchup between the Wolverines and their sworn rivals the Ohio State Buckeyup. Now that I’m a student, the games are a lot cheaper to attend. However, I’d rather go for walks around the town with my cannabis vaporizer cartridges in my pockets. I can pack an active sativa strain and have a great walk from a single end of the town to the next. Not to mention having access to so several amazing dispensaries here in Ann Arbor.


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