Updating living room as well as entryway in Lowell

My living room as well as entryway are technically linked… It is a slightly open floor concept.

There is just a half wall in the living room that partially blocks the view! My hubby as well as I have been working on that section to make it nice.

I started out in the living room updating everything. It used to be laminate floors, pressboard cupboards, laminate countertops as well as old appliances. I now have porcelain tile floors, a huge window, all wood cupboards, quartz countertops as well as new appliances. It looks so much better. I splurged to get recessed lighting as well as hand blown glass pendant lights. I even added radiant flooring heating underneath the proceling for some added help. I recently bought a custom made wood table from a guy in Lowell, MA to particularly spruce up the dining area. I have all the wooden living room chairs coming to my condo this week. The entryway has gotten current tile as well as lights set up too, then we also unlinked the old wood stove heating system that was in the center of it. It sat on a brick pad as well as took up a lot of room. It made our condo look kind of like a farmcondo which is poor for a Lowell home. It also wasn’t a useful heating system at all. The brick pad had to go as well as my associate and I had to redo all the flooring. The tile in the living room gradually pours into the entryway as well as changes to rug. The heated flooring is stretched throughout the whole space. I just now need to replace the windows in the entryway as well as get a current couch. Then that section will be completely brand new.


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