Tinctures are my favorite

While shopping at my local Muskegon cannabis dispensary, I discovered tinctures.

Although I considered myself fairly knowledgeable when it comes to the different consumption methods, I had never tried tinctures before.

They have fast become my favorite way to enjoy cannabis. I love that they are available in so many different flavors, strains and potency. I appreciate the quick and efficient dosage with minimal effort. I can take them just about anywhere. I’ve learned that cannabis tinctures are actually an extract that is created by soaking flowers in a solvent. The process separates the plant material from the desired terpenes and cannabinoids. Tinctures are high in the most beneficial compounds. Plus, the solvent helps to preserve the compounds, offering an extra long shelf-life. Tinctures provide quick absorption of cannabinoids without causing any smoke, vapor, ash, odors or mess. They are packaged in compact bottles that easily fit into a pocket or purse. I can use them in just about any setting without anyone being aware that I’m consuming cannabis. I simply place a few drops under the tongue, wait a minute or two for absorption and swallow any remaining liquid. The sublingual method transmits the active components into the bloodstream very rapidly. I typically feel the effects within fifteen to thirty minutes. Because tinctures are such a concentrated form, I only need a little and a bottle lasts me a long time. The bottle includes a measured dropper that allows for extremely precise dosing. The Muskegon dispensary carries a diverse range of THC to CBD ratios, so I can cater to my preferences. I can even add tinctures to drinks, yogurt, smoothies and other foods to make my own edibles. Unlike conventional edibles, tinctures are low in calories.
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