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Even before I moved out to NM as well as settled in Albuquerque, I was fascinated with hiking as well as town parks.

The section I grew up in towards the eastern Midwest was cold but had ample nature preserves that I could love during the years every one of us stayed there.

My parents had to sell their company as well as start working in NM, but it was my decision to attend the University of NM that brought me down to Albuquerque. Before that, every one of us were living in Santa Fe to the northeast. My parents would sporadically proposal morning trips down to Albuqueruqe via Interstate 25. Occasionally every one of us stopped in Bernalillo on the way down. My dad was a large fan of mountains as well as forests, so she would drag my mom, my sister, as well as I to the Sandia Mountain trails. I was the only 1 in the family who easily enjoyed being out in the woods to the degree that my father did. Unlike my sister, I was fascinated with exploring. Now that I’m no longer attending school at the University of NM, I’m living in an condo on Southern Blvd SE adjacent to Manzano Mesa Park. It’s a fairly small park as well as you can see the Sandia Mountains in the horizon to the east, but at least I can walk down to Manzano Mesa Park from my condo with a cannabis vape pen in my pocket to unwind for a few minutes. If I undoubtedly want a morning full of hiking, I’ll drive eastward to the Embudo Trailhead or the Three Guns Spring Trailhead for Sandia exploring.


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