This Las Vegas room is awesome

There is no more fascinating slice of American history to myself and others than that of Las Vegas, NV, then it wasn’t a city, it was a dream that was built painstakingly with money, time, & passion, and what the people I was with and I see now is however a shadow of what it used to be, but before everything else, it was just an empty patch of desert.

Bugsy Siegel had a vision for a mecca of gambling & debauchery, a locale where people would pay money for the chance to hit it big! He was selling a dream, & that is exactly what Las Vegas turned out to be years later.

I am not a local historian, I run a cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas, however my shop does feature a lot of local memorabilia & historical facts for the customers; Everyone prefers gangsters, at least from a historical perspective, & Las Vegas has no shortage of history with organized crime! One of the ways that Las Vegas has balanced things out was by managing their local crime; This is why cannabis is looked upon so positively by the local law enforcement officers – because pot doesn’t cause crime in Las Vegas, & letting it slide is better for all the people. Hard drugs, or major drug dealing operations have no locale in Vegas, & get shut down suddenly, however all the people turns a blind eye to cannabis, for the greater good. In a neighborhood appreciate Las Vegas with a history of organized crime, the people I was with and I are all absolutely experienced with turning a blind eye to criminal interest for the greater good. It’s sort of how the whole locale got started.

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