This is the way I want it

My partner and I ordered current air filters for our HVAC unit! We recently had a brand current heat pump and air conditioner installed, but the Orland Park Service Company did not have the right size air filters for the machine. They gave me 1 with the current unit and told me to look online for the right size, then i found a website offering HVAC supplies. The website provided free delivery for all orders over fifty bucks. I decided to order a whole box of air filters. The 12-pack would last us a whole year. I received an text confirmation after I paid for the items and they were shipped the next day using UPS ground. I figured it would take a couple of days. I was surprised when the UPS truck showed up to my Orland Park address the next day. I did not expect that quick of service from the dealer. The guy didn’t look like he had any trouble carrying the box. When he set it down on the sidewalk by our house, it looked undoubtedly light. I picked up the box expecting it to have some weight, but it didn’t know like there was anything inside of the box, however my partner and I took the box inside of the house and we’ll use a knife to open up the top. Inside of the box was empty except for styrofoam and peanuts, all of the packing stuff was inside of the box, but the air filters were completely missing. We contacted the website offering HVAC supplies. They apologized for the confusion and sent a current shipment the following day.

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