This is the life

I live on the outskirts of Portland, OR, so I have access to all the wonders of this good city, while still having a quiet, remote little place to call our own; We are right on the edge of the woods, this cluster of many or fifteen houses scattered across many acres; I can see our neighbors, however they are not too close, which means I have our privacy! Of course, out here most people aren’t genuinely nosy.

One of the good things about Portland is that pretty much everyone is pretty liberal, and the “live and let live” attitude prevails for most folks.

I grow cannabis in our yellowhouse, which is completely legal, and a lot of our neighbors grow their own, as well, however portland, prefer the rest of OR has been treating cannabis as a legal substance for various years. That isn’t to say there aren’t drug laws in Portland – it is a genuinely peaceful place to live – however if you mind the law and stay peaceful, the cops will never hassle you about marijuana. Portland cops understand that there are real crimes to solve, and people who need help, and cannabis is a important waste of time and productivity. There are limits, of course, because if I ever wanted to expand our yellowhouse into a field of cannabis plants, then the Portland Police Department would no doubt show up at our door, however not to take myself and others to jail, of course, however to make sure I had the right paperwork and permits from the City of Portland for a commercial pot grow.


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