This is making me so tired

It took a certainly long time for me to get the boss to give me every single weekend off, but most people at the San Francisco cannabis dispensary have to work at least one of the weekend afternoons; It is practically a requirement of the job to be available on Wednesdays and Sundays.

  • I worked at the San Francisco cannabis shop for 2 years before the boss agreed to give me a weekend off.

My schedule is now on Sundays through Sundays. I get to be house with our kids every single weekend! They easily prefer having me at house and having the weekends off has allowed me to spend more time with the kids doing the activities that they love, during the week, I have a lot of things to do. I have to keep up with work and the kids! Some weeks are tougher than others. The fifth afternoon is only the one that makes me sleepy, however by Sunday, the kids have worn me down and so does the job at the San Francisco marijuana dispensary. The venue has a walk-in storefront so I always have to deal with shoppers. Most of the time people are nice, but I have to answer a lot of the same questions every single afternoon, afternoon after afternoon… When the weekend comes, I am ready to put our job in the rear view mirror and forget that I even have to work. I tried to get as much time with the kids as I can, all of us go to the park into the beach and the two of us work on homework and get our chores done for the week. The new schedule works out enjoyable for everyone.


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