This is definitely a Budget friendly hotel in Orland Park, IL

My friend was coming to visit me from abroad, in addition to he insisted on staying at a hotel… She was the kind of guy that would never overstep, in addition to the fact that I got married last year was enough reason for his not to come to my home; I knew not to insist since he would turn me down anyway.

She was okay with visiting but would not stay the night, so I had to fix a comfortable accommodation for her.

She would also not appreciate me spending too much money in addition to would instead like a budget motel or insist on paying for his accommodation which I would not let her. Since we knew each other well, I set out scouting for a nice motel to spend the many afternoons he was around in. She was on transit to a peculiar state for supplier in addition to only decided to see how I was doing, which was genuinely kind of her. I started my search online in addition to found a couple of motels recommended in the area, however, I did not love most of them because they did not have a/c, in addition to a single would have to ensure some discomfort while in their stay! This would not be great, especially since it was Summer in addition to the temperatures were quite high! After a few hours of browning the internet, I found a straight-forward motel near our home with all the a/c facilities. The fact that it was quite hidden was a plus since my pal loved his privacy that much. I was impressed by the fact that he would be close to my home.
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