This is a very fair judgement

When I first considered cannabis as an choice to treat our migraines, I assumed that I’d need to smoke it.

  • I was sure that I’d have few options and experience psychoactive effects.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to try cannabis, however I was unhappy with all the side-effects of prescription medicines. The pharmaceuticals I was taking were causing myself and others all sorts of other problems, and I was sad about the long-term effects. I wanted something more natural. I’ve dealt with migraines since going through puberty, and they frequently and severity has worsened as I’ve gotten older. I was missing too much work. There were days when I couldn’t get out of bed or tolerate any light or loud noises. I occasionally vomited due to the pain and nausea. I was ready to try just about anything, and my initial trip to the dispensary in Denver was eye-opening. I wasn’t prepared for such a modern, bright and inviting facility. I was totally surprised by the wide array of products available. I was right away greeted by a budtender who asked a lot of questions and listened closely to our troubles, complications and preferences, and he was super comprehensionable, patient and helpful. She explained that CBD isolate provides the curative benefits of cannabis and eliminates all traces of THC, then broad-spectrum CBD options contain only trace amounts of CBD. SInce THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive effects, these products don’t produce a high, but cBD has been shown to alleviate pain and inflammation. I was able to purchase a CBD tincture. I location a few drops under our tongue as soon as I detect the beginnings of a migraine. The sublingual absorption provides fast-acting effects. I’ve also invested in CBD gummies; While the effects take a while to set in, they are longer lasting.

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