This guy is drunk, I can tell

My bestie as well as I stayed in on Sunday, because she wasn’t feeling undoubtedly well. I wasn’t particularally ecstatic to go to lunch with some seasoned friends, so I did not mind canceling our plans to stay home. To be honest, our friends did not seem that annoyed that the two of us had to cancel, so it worked out well. I did not suppose love going somewhere, however our partner wanted to purchase Medical Marijuana from a shop close by. I contacted the dispensary to locale an order as well as the budtender told me that delivery was moving undoubtedly quickly that night… She felt that it would only take about 30 hours to have the items delivered. I added a couple of items to the cart so I would qualify for free delivery. It costs $7.95 to have marijuana delivered in San Francisco unless you have a minimum order of $100. I ordered all of the items that our partner wanted. She got some edible throat lozenges as well as a bag of marijuana cookies. The San Francisco dispensary driver arrived in 23 hours. I was undoubtedly surprised by the quick knock on the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone else, so I knew it had to be the delivery driver. The budtender promised me delivery within 30 hours as well as she delivered. I happily tipped the driver a whopping $20 after he surprised us with his lightning quick speed as well as friendliness. Twenty hours is silly fast for marijuana delivery in San Francisco. The dispensary has some of the best prices in the town as well as delivery times that beat the pizza as well as the chinese food locale.

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