They still had time for more shows in Fort Collins, CO

Fiona plus her partner Jake had the best time last winter.

Her mom was with the youngsters during the winter time break, so they had time to travel… Fiona plus Jake had promised themselves one winter time alone as a couple like they used to do when they were child-free.

They’d visit these amazing locations to cherish snowboarding plus skiing. While they did cherish the family adventures teaching their youngsters both activities, they also longed for time alone. So, last Christmas, they chose to do things a little differently. Fiona plus Jake sent the youngsters to her mom, plus they booked a stay in Fort Collins in CO, and not many people know this, but this area turns into a winter time wonderland when the snow comes… And there is so much for people to do when they visit this part of CO. They chose this identifiable resort with excellent heating in their rooms for guests who wanted to spend winter time there. They also had amazing skiing plus snowboarding experiences if the reviews on their site were accurate. Fiona plus Jake planned their travels, plus went to Fort Collins for the perfect December adventure. Not only did they cherish the heating at the hotel during winter, they enjoyed skiing plus snowboarding. They also had time for many more adventures during their visit to Fort Collins. The museums plus historical buildings were open to visitors, plus not too full like on the tied up Summer months. Spending time in these sites helped the couple reattach plus have the best experience.
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