They haven't changed all the laws yet

When they decided to legalize marijuana in the state of New Mexico, they legalized medical as well as recreational pot.

I believe the people I was with in addition to myself are following many of the same laws as different states.

After the legalization laws were enacted, many people wanted to know if we would be able to grow plants out of our own. Albuquerque has a lot of area on the outskirts where marijuana farming would be a great business. The two of us were extremely interested in learning about the grow of marijuana. The two of us were very interested I’m trying to grow our own plants. It seems they can grow hastily fast under excellent conditions. Albuquerque is one nice place for growing cannabis due to the warm air and humidity. Unlucky for us, growing pot is not allowed in the state right now. The people I was with in addition to myself have to go to a dispensary if we choose to get medical or recreational marijuana. Many people are coming next week for the Balloon Fiesta in addition to the fact that many of us look forward to this outdoor Festival. The colors of the balloons are amazing as well as some years we have found many different things. An experienced family of cannabis farmers could take the place by mainstream if we had the right type of products. After the laws are changed, then we will really see some progress being made. I think some rules are going to change quickly.

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