There’s an amazing new cannabis dispensary on E Cermak St near Chinatown

I’m always eager to see new businesses opening within my neighborhood in Chicago.

I live in East Pilson, but I have lived in a number of different places throughout Chicago after coming here from Gary, Indiana a few years ago.

I try to stay out of the areas where there is a lot of crime once I was able to free myself from Gary, but I think Chicago is improving as a city overall. I felt less safe while visiting Detroit recently to see family than I do on an average day in Chicago. But one thing that I think we have going for us is the large number of cannabis dispensaries in the Chicago Metro area. I heard that there are 17 and another 20 in the surrounding suburbs to the north, west, and south of the city. Obviously Chicago is growing its cannabis presence not just in the city, but also nationwide. Several Chicago-based cannabis corporations are opening locations in other states. Currently a new location just went up on E Cermak St near Chinatown. I was worried at first about corporate cannabis, but this company does collaborations with companies from out west for their concentrates, edibles, and vaporizer cartridges. I’m proud of what’s happening with this city and its presence in the cannabis world, not just locally but also throughout the country as a whole. When it comes to cannabis in the midwest, you can come to a better city than Chicago. My other favorite cannabis store offers home delivery for free on orders that are at least $150. If I make one order a month, I can get free home delivery for all of my desired cannabis products.

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