There are two new cannabis dispensaries near my apartment in Yorkdale

My girlfriend in college was insistent that we move to Toronto after graduating. I was perfectly happy staying in Ottawa because that’s where my family is from, but she said that southern Ontario was like stepping into a different world compared to the rest of Canada. Aside from containing a large percentage of the country’s population, southern Ontario is also the agricultural hub for Canada. It’s a unique climate not only for its southern latitude position, but also because it’s surrounded by Great Lakes like Michigan. This allows not only for farming opportunities, but also a much more pleasant climate than the rest of Canada. The only other similar climate is in Vancouver and Vancouver Island on the opposite coast. Naturally, a temperate climate is going to give cannabis producers more opportunities for quality outdoor grow operations. You don’t have to rely solely on indoor grow rooms to produce good marijuana if you can farm outdoors as well. Beyond that, there are a massive number of cannabis dispensaries in this part of the province, especially in Toronto. While I am no longer with that girlfriend, I stayed in Toronto because I fell in love with the city right away. You can get on a bus and visit over seven different ethnic villages with restaurants selling fresh food all day long. Recently I noticed that two new cannabis dispensaries were erected near my apartment in Yorkdale. One of the new weed stores is in a strip mall and the other is occupying an old bank building. I’ll have to visit them on my way home from work sometime next week.

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