There are lots of great places in Florida

There are lots of great places around Florida to visit.

  • The state has more than 300 miles of pristine beaches and shoreline.

You can visit the Caribbean sea, Atlantic ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico all from the Florida shorelines. I have visited lots of different places and I have been able to see the beach, the gulf, and the natural springs. Jacksonville is a great place to live and it is close to all of these things that I love. I love just outside of Jacksonville in the north part of town. I’m about 30 miles away from the border and not very close to the city. I have to work in the city, so each morning I have to wake up early so I can make the commute. A lot of people live outside of the city and drive into Jacksonville for work. There are lots of jobs in the city as well as several ports and two military bases. As an HVAC repair person, I can work just about anywhere. I can handle a number of jobs from heating and refrigeration work to plumbing and air conditioning problems. I work on commercial and residential heating and Air Conditioning repairs and installation jobs. Most of the day I drive around Jacksonville from one place to the other giving out estimates and evaluations. I haven’t worked on actual repairs in a while. I’ve been with the company for 20 years and now I get to work in an office while some of the younger guys handle the harder and more physically demanding work.


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