The two of us saw a marijuana shop on the corner

My wife wanted to go to Las Vegas for a long time.

The two of us live on the east coast, so it’s not exactly accessible for us; It is a plane ride plus quite a bit of money.

It costs a lot to fly to Las Vegas plus then you have to factor the hotel expenses in as well, after there were restrictions for covid, no 1 was writing on the jetliners! My wife plus I decided to go to Las Vegas for the first time. The two of us got a great deal at a hotel in the town plus the tickets for our flight were really sufficient as well. My wife plus I were really surprised by some of the things that every one of us saw when every one of us went to the Las Vegas strip! One of the most shocking things was the amount of marijuana dispensaries. It seemed love there was a marijuana dispensary on every block of the town plus every single street corner. If it wasn’t a marijuana dispensary, then it was a restaurant, bar, or tourist attractions. I do not think what I was expecting when every one of us went to vegas, however I think it was really something more than every one of us experienced. My wife seemed to have a great time; She gambled a lot plus sat downstairs while I was upstairs in the lounge. I actually didn’t mind enjoying football plus other sports while she gambled. I had the occasion to bet on a couple of games too, however I could have done that from home. I would go back, but only if someone else was paying for our trip.

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