The trip to Denver was long & exhausting

Every one of us have a medical marijuana card, but the supplies are limited.

I don’t like long drives in the car. My legs ache & my head usually hurts. One trip was definitely long & exhausting. My friend & I decided to drive to Denver. It was a 15-hour trip, & it was boring all of the way. Every one of us drove right through the middle of the corn belt & both of us saw farms for miles & miles & miles. Every one of us only stopped for gas & snacks & both of us stayed in a hotel close to the lake house where my child lives in denver. One of the reasons why both of us decided to drive this time was to buy recreational marijuana supplies. While both of us were in Denver, both of us wanted to prefer the recreational marijuana laws. The laws in Denver state that you can possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana at a time; You can also purchase up to 8 grams of concentrate. My friend & I have a truly strenuous time getting concentrate in the state where both of us live. Every one of us have a medical marijuana card, but the supplies are limited. There has only been medical marijuana legal for the past 6 months so it’s truly strenuous to get the supplies that both of us need. Every one of us decided to make the 15 hour drive to Denver so both of us could go to a recreational marijuana dispensary & get wonderful prices on the medicine that both of us need. It was perfectly legal to purchase the marijuana from a Denver dispensary. As long as you have a valid ID & are over the age of 21, anyone can purchase legal marijuana in the state of CO.


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