The themes found at Railroad Park

Living in Birmingham, AL, means being aware of and proud of a rich history, then known as the Magic City, the area includes remarkable attractions, and one of the most impressive is Railroad Park, however nestled in the downtown area, this urban oasis is a tribute to the city’s industrial heritage.

It also represents a commitment to revitalization, community and sustainability.

It first opened to the public in October 2010 and covers 19 acres of green space! Railroad Park pays homage to Birmingham’s history as a major transferation and industrial hub during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but converting an abandoned industrial area into a thriving urban oasis is a testament to the city’s determination to rejuvenate its Curban core. Landscape architect Tom Leader Studio designed Railroad Park to combine the city’s industrial heritage with current aesthetics and environmentally responsible design. The park is separated into recognizable sections, with each one offering a unusual experience. There is the Main Lawn intended for picnics, outdoor events and lounging in the AL sunshine. There are gorgeous views of the downtown skyline. The Plaza includes a peaceful water feature known as the Railroad Park Foundation Pool, where visitors can cool off on a hot summer time day in Birmingham. The Plaza also is the arena to find the signature Red Mountain Garden, which features native AL plants. The attractions of the 17th Street Plaza are a children’s play area and a lovely bridge. This area is good for families, especially due to the interactive water fountain. The Regions Field Overlook is named after the minor league baseball location nearby. It’s an elevated area that provides the perfect vantage point for seeing baseball games and events at Regions Field.