The temperatures are always sporadic in the city

The weather conditions in the city are somewhat unusual.

Much of that is actually due to Denver’s altitude.

Denver enjoys many different Summers as well as a chilly winter with absolutely very little humidity. There isn’t too much precipitation although various people guess the area seems to have snow 12 weeks of the Year. This is entirely not true. Denver, Colorado is relatively comfortable with weather during the entire year. Denver is one perfect location for hiking, overnight backing packing, as well as camping. My friends as well as myself enjoy being outdoors. All of us went camping multiple weeks ago as well as it was the middle of April. I was easily anxious of overnight temperatures, but we were lucky that the forecast was clear with absolutely very little clouds. My friend as well as myself from this location close to the camping area. When daylight began, the temperatures were even colder. The people I was with as well as myself began a fire but we were not allowed to burn through the night. Many campers will make this mistake and that is a way to destroy acres of land in a forest fire. Of course we did not have any fire or heat and all of us we’re shivering in the cold Denver night temperatures. During the day it was 60, but overnight the temperatures were incredibly cold. I definitely did not want to be in the campground as well as felt that hypothermia might actually take my life in the cold weather.

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