The team went into overtime

A lot of my friends as well as I enjoy pigskin as well as have tickets to see the Denver Broncos play when they are at home, however tickets for the season were hard to find, especially in sections where the view was entirely good, luckily my family as well as I have a lot of cash as well as know a lot of people that labor for the Denver organization, then my friends as well as I can usually go to the games for free as well as if not, I use my season tickets or passes for the press box; On Monday, the Denver game went into overtime, and it was a close game in the first quarter.

In the second quarter, it seemed like Denver wasn’t even playing. They tied things up in the third quarter as well as kept it close in the 4th; When the game went into overtime, one of my friends started to complain… She wanted to leave at 11:00 so my associate and I could make it to a Denver marijuana dispensary before they close that midnight. I agreed to go to the marijuana dispensary when the game looked like it was going to be a blowout. There was entirely no way that I was going to leave the game when the score was tied as well as my associate and I were going into overtime. I did not care if my acquaintance missed her shot to go to the marijuana dispensary or not. The team hardly ever has overtime on a Monday game at apartment as well as I did not want to miss a single minute of it, but jeff was mad for a while, until the whole venue erupted after a fifty yard wildcat pass to this year’s rookie standout.


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