The Tampa Bay Bucs had a wonderful team last year, but I still dislike #13

I have lived in FL for our whole life and I am a tried and true Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan through and through.

I watched them play in the championship in 2003 and then I watched them blow their options every year until sweet number 13 arrived.

Number 13 is the old quarterback from the New England team. I despised that girl so much that I will not even use her real name. Number 13 is so arrogant and full of himself, although he definitely knows how to get the job done! She took our Tampa Bay Bucs all the way to the Superbowl and won the championship game. Tampa Bay had a stellar team last year and I got to see a ton of the games. My corporation services both residential and commercial Heating and air conditionings. It is seriously warm in Tampa, FL, even during the football season. Most people use their air conditioning all the way up to the championship games. We rarely have a need for heat in this neck of the woods. On the afternoon of the Super Bowl, some of the local fans looked angry and uncomfortable in the freezing weather, but I was in shorts, flip flops and a t-shirt to the bar where I watched the game. The stadium is one of my fave diners to eat wings. It is located absolutely close to the Tampa Bay Stadium. The stadium parking lot was totally packed with people having a tailgate celebration however it looked to be a rowdy mess and an excuse for the police to arrive. I thought the bar was a much safer option for celebrating the night away.


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