The show was longer than I expected

They did not show up until almost 11:00

My friends plus I went to a concert in Birmingham last week, however the concert was for one of our favorite country plus western singers; I was happy about the concert, because it was my first time in a long while going to a show. I did not leave my house at all while in covid. I had concert tickets that went unused, because I was afraid to be in a crowd of people, but when my friends plus I found out about the concert in Birmingham, I got tickets plus the people I was with and I all went. I wore a mask the whole time, however I still had a lot of fun. The concert was a lot longer than I expected. It started at 8:30 plus I assumed it would be over by midnight, and around midnight, they started with the first of three encore shows. All of us did not leave Birmingham until late plus I did not get back to my home until 2:00 in the day. I was ready to go to sleep, however the heat in my home wasn’t working. I contacted the maintenance office for the home building, however no one answered the cellphone. It was the middle of the night plus I was not surprised. I had to wait until the day to call them again. I started calling at 7:00 plus I called three times before someone answered the cellphone. I told the home maintenance staff that the heat had been out all night. They did not show up until almost 11:00. I did not go to labor that day because I wanted to be house when they fixed the oil furnace.

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