The real people of Beverly Hills

I don’t live in Beverly Hills, but I have to go there almost every single day for work.

Here is the inside scoop you get from a respected greenskeeper – behind closed doors famous people are just like the rest of us.

I have a dozen different clients in Beverly Hills, a very exclusive client list that I will not name-drop to respect their privacy. Believe me, you would recognize most of the names on my client list! Because they are used to me being around, my clients often smoke cannabis in my presence. The people of Beverly Hills may seem to fancy getting stoned like the rest of us, but believe me they do! I have actually started carrying around a few grams of cannabis with me, on the chance one of my clients needs to buy some. I don’t do this for my Beverly Hills clients as a sideline job, but as a favor to them. They can’t just walk down the street to the Beverly Hills cannabis dispensary like I can, they might be stalked by paparazzi. I know what everyone thinks from watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but the truth is that I have never met anyone like that. Those people on TV are awful, and the REAL people of Beverly Hills tend to be nice, down-to-earth folks, even if they are a little quirky. Thanks to growing a few cannabis plants in my home just outside of Beverly Hills, I have managed to parlay this humble gardening job into a very profitable career.

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