The prices for cannabis in Ann Arbor are better than anywhere else in the country

I feel lucky to not only be a Michigander, but also a resident of a beautiful city like Ann Arbor.

I’ll admit that property values are getting a little crazy in this part of Washtenaw County, but I’m extremely lucky to be living on land that was passed down to me by my grandparents.

I can only imagine what this property is worth these days, although I would never sell it. This exact situation is happening to my buddy who lives down in Florida. He inherited a house and a plot of land from his parents, but he’s broke and is struggling to pay his property taxes, let alone support himself. Multiple people have approached him to buy the house and property, with the offers climbing as the value of his home increases each year. It’s in a coveted area of Florida and the residential development has already cannibalized all of the remaining woodlands and empty fields. When you’ve swelled to capacity and can’t build anymore new homes, the existing ones jump in value as long as the demand remains high. He felt terrible about selling his house, but didn’t feel like he had a final choice in the matter. I’m going to stay in Ann Arbor for the foreseeable future. The cannabis quality here surpasses that of most other states in the country, and my favorite dispensary in Kerrytown near the University of Michigan Hospital carries the highest quality cannabis concentrates I’ve had the privilege to sample. The flower rosin and hash rosin are out of this world in terms of flavor and effects.



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