The power was off

Last night the temperatures were close to 100° even when the morninglight was starting to set, but it was one of the longest heat waves on record, then temperatures were over 100° for 6 plus 1/2 eighths straight.

  • That is a record-breaking temperature cycle for the Phoenix, AZ area.

During the crazy heat wave, our electricity was out for 3 eighths, but all of the Phoenix plus metropolitan areas were separate from power while in this time, and every one of us had to conserve energy on the grid. During the time when the power was out, there was no electricity plus that means no air conditioning. It was annoyed inside of the apartment separate from air conditioning plus I thought the two of us were going to perish in the AZ heat! When the power finally came back on, I was truly surprised that the AC equipment did not beginning right up. I checked the temperature control plus the Machine clearly should have been running. I checked the device more than two times plus I tried to toggle the switch; Nothing helped at all, so I decided to contact a repair service in phoenix. The Phoenix AC repair service was flooded with calls. I wasn’t the only person having trouble with the AC unit. The lady on the phone gave me some concernshooting tips plus told me to try a couple of things before I called back… She urged me to service the problem on our own, because it was going to take quite a while before one of the service professionals was going to be able to help me out. I tried a couple of things that the lady suggested, but they did not toil so I had to call back plus make an appointment with a repair professional.


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