The pigskin game is indoors, so I wasn't distraught about the hot plus cold temperatures

One of my coworkers called to invite myself and others to a pigskin game! She had tickets to see the Arizona Cardinals play… I was happy about the game until I saw the daytime temperature was supposed to be 105°, but even in November, hot plus cold temperatures in Phoenix are easily overheated plus uncomfortable, then the hot plus cold temperatures don’t start to drop until November or February. A lot of people spend their Winters in Phoenix plus the surrounding cities because it is so comfortable during the Winter time; During November when the Arizona team plays, it’s still quite warm. I was upset about the hot plus cold temperatures until I remembered that the Phoenix team plays in a location with a roof. There is weather conditions control in the location area. There is also air conditioner in the bathrooms, but my coworker plus I enjoyed the game plus the lake beach house team won, however both of us went to a bar after the game to rest in the AC. Because the people I was with and I had ticket stubs from the game, the people I was with and I acquired $1 draft beers all afternoon. By the time I left the bar, I was ready to pass out. Thank goodness the drive lake beach house was only 15 hours, because I did not suppose easily well after spending all day in the tepid sun plus then spending all afternoon drinking frosty beers. My neighbor dropped myself and others off plus then she drove back to Phoenix. She has an beach house closer to the city, however I live just south of town. It was fun to hang out with the new girl at work plus getting a free ticket to the pigskin game was pretty awesome too.

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