The people of Portland, Oregon are the best model of people

I care about being able to call Portland our home, in addition to it’s not just because of the rock n roll scene, or the weather, or the legal weed, it’s because of the people, but i have lived here for just about a decade at this point, in addition to I am quite sure I will live here for the rest of our days! There are a lot of small communities in addition to neighborhoods inside the Portland neighborhood limits, in addition to each of them has their own unique flavor.

I purchased a beach house on the outskirts of the South Side of Portland, where the properties are a little more spread out, giving everyone more privacy.

In a neighborhood like Portland Oregon, people value their privacy as much as their freedom. I grow a lot of cannabis plants in the redhouses in our yard, which is perfectly legal in Portland, but still, I care about to do our cultivation in private, away from the prying eyeah of others. In a neighborhood like Portland I don’t need to worry about nosy neighbors, because as far as I can tell they don’t exist here, for all I believe our neighbors also grow cannabis plants, however I would never believe because I don’t nose in their business, either. In a neighborhood like Portland no a single legitimately needs to grow their own marijuana, because the dispensaries are numerous, but personally I only grow cannabis to save money, because although it is simple to find in Portland it is still a lot of money to spend! By growing our own cannabis, I save myself a few hundred dollars a year.


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