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Spending the afternoon in Santa Barbara can be a fun way to relax, however i like going to the beach, however our wifey likes to spend the afternoon at the wharf, and stearns wharf is one of the coolest locales in Santa Barbara.

It has a little bit of everything, but there are local restaurants, bars, shops, plus tours.

The wharf is a well known landmark in Santa Barbara county, then last weekend, our wifey plus I went to the wharf to try a new seafood locale. Some friends of mine were raving about the lobster, so I was happy to try the surf plus shrubbery. My wifey got the salmon crusted with pecans, and both of us watched the people walking up plus down Stearns wharf while the two of us waited for our food to arrive. The staff was kind plus courteous, however the atmosphere was a little stuffy. When the food arrived, I was underwhelmed by the presentation. The plate was a mess, however for $48 bucks, I expected great dining. Instead, I got a bag of food with paper napkins plus a bib. Both of us did not stay for dessert. When the two of us were done with lunch, the two of us stopped at a small pot shop before heading to our car; Dinner was a bust, however the two of us weren’t ready to call it a night. Both of us went into the recreational pot shop plus picked out an infused marijuana joint to smoke on the walk home. I appreciate living in a state with legal recreational pot access. By the time the two of us got back to the house, the two of us were both high plus ready to eat everything in the fridge. I did not appreciate the lobster, however the leftover ziti from various afternoons ago was delicious.

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