The lady at the counter seemed really out of it

Jessica and I have been dating for 9 months.

I really wanted to do something special to celebrate our anniversary last month.

I decided to take Jessica to Seattle. I rented a room for us downtown where the sky was lit up for the holidays. Everything in the city was twinkling with lights and it was a really beautiful and magnificent site to see. Jessica was nervous about sleeping in the same room, so I made sure to get a room that had two separate beds. We spent a lot of time walking around Seattle. It was cold, but not frigid. There was a small amount of wind, but it wasn’t uncomfortable or too cold. We walked hand and hand for miles around the city. We passed by a marijuana shop in Seattle that I had never visited. Jessica wanted to go inside of the shop to see if they had any interesting marijuana sales. Jess and I have never smoked recreational marijuana together. I didn’t know if our weekend in Seattle was a good time for that but Jessica insisted it would be a lot of fun and she said that it would make her feel more relaxed and less anxious. We agreed to get a marijuana joint from the dispensary. We got something that tasted exactly like grapes. It was an infused cannabis joint. Jessica and I stepped outside of the dispensary and smoked the joint before we left the parking lot. I felt really high and my face and my hands were numb and tingly. We barely managed to make it back to the hotel before both of us were ready to pass out and go to sleep..

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